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the ic0n xchange [entries|friends|calendar]
the ic0n xchange

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[8/10/04 - 3:26 pm]

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baaahhhehe (2)

request [8/4/04 - 11:25 pm]

can someone please help me... i'd love u forever

i want this picture:


with the lyrics:

the princess walked in just to take more attention.

cus after all, well isn't that, all that i've been after?

written anywhere so it looks good and such.. i think it'd be easier to split the text up maybe by fading or whatever. thanks soo much

if you have ne questions im me at dannygal128


baaahhhehe (2)

so [8/4/04 - 3:05 am]

I finally got psp and i made two icons.. im still getting used to it though.. so yea.

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baaahhhehe (3)

[8/4/04 - 2:52 am]

[ mood | crazy ]

hey im new here, i do make icons.. but im kinda new so please dont be mean if they come out bad!!


here are some icons...Collapse )

baaahhhehe (3)

Request :) [7/27/04 - 4:25 pm]

Icon Size= 100x100
How do you want it cropped?= umm most of the picture in it.
Icon Text= the first frame I want it to say timing is everything, and on the second frame I want it to say "funeral for a friend" with a plain tanish antique looking background.
Font= Cursive
Font Color= Not sure, whatever colors you think will work best.
Text Animation= maybe like.. fade and then show up again, but only on the first frame
Special Effects= I want it to change from the first frame to the second frame, not too fast.
Border or template= I'd like a border, but maybe like one that looks like leaves or vines going around it.
Specific poster = (anyone.
Anything else we should know = the picture for the first frame is http://www.benvangrootel.com/clock.jpg. The second frame isn't a picture just what I said up there under "Icon text"

thank you so much.
baaahhhehe (3)

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