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the ic0n xchange

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This is baiscally just a place where icon creators can post their icons... people can comment, give you ideas how to fix, or make one of ur icons look better. This community is an open membership community, anyone can post here, and anyone can access the community to use the icons posted.

Community Rules:

1. please be polite when commenting on other people's icons, or making a post
2. please only put one teaser and the rest of your icons behind a cut
3. if you are requesting an icon please fill out the form (below)
4. if a poster asks for credit, then you must credit in the keywords
5. if you do not know how to credit in the keywords, please just say something in your lj
6. you can only post TWO requests per week, if more are posted they will be deleted
7. do NOT steal someone else's icon and claim is as your own work
8. do not direct link
9. give the creators time to create your icon, we do have lives, we will get to it eventually.. we promise
11. if you don't like how your icon turned out, be polite in asking the creator to fix it. If its something minor that needs to be changed the creator will probably do it for you with no problem, but dont push it.

Request Form:

Icon Size= (the standard lj size is 100x100, but u can make it anywhere inbetween)
Picture Address = (not an image link, the actual url)
How do you want it cropped?= (this means that if you dont want a perfect square or you just want a peice of the picture we have to crop it)
Icon Text= (This is what you want your icon to say.. if you want it to say something)
Font= (The specific font you want us to use, or something like it, or at least a general category (cursive, block, etc.))
Font Color= (basic color or hex code)
Text Animation= ( Have the text blink? Have the color run one letter at a time? Fade in and out?)
Special Effects= ( basically frame transitions)
Border or template= (this is where you tell us if you want a border on your icon)
Specific poster = (give us the username of the person you want to make ur icon.. if you dont care state 'anyone')
Anything else we should know = (do u have an example, or anything else you'd like to see on ur icon)